Gökhan Çoban
Head of Software Engineering

Could you tell us about your job in Comodif?

I work as a Data Science and Software Development Manager at Comodif. I take part in the creation of Comodif's connected vehicle platform and data science visions, I make the architectural design and lead the technical team to realize these visions.

What if we ask about the best part of being a part of the team?

Comodif consists of superstar team players who work passionately towards a common goal. Colorful people who insist on success and shape the future by nurturing each other while demonstrating their unique talents. Working with these people I respect makes me very happy and gives me the confidence I need to imagine without limits. Also, Comodif is a company that prepares and invests in its employees' career plans. In this direction, my team develops themselves by getting the trainings they need, and they expand their network by participating in national and international events.

What is the secret of Comodif's success?

People, merit and communication. People positioned in the right positions, experts in their jobs and solution-oriented approaches to all the difficulties they encounter with strong communication skills. As long as the corporate culture we created in Comodif continues, Comodif will continue to be successful.


What are the company's future project plans?

Comodif is taking firm steps towards becoming a global player with its increasing market share and tens of business partners in its adventure that started 3 years ago with 3 giant companies such as Turkcell, Tofaş and Renault. Comodif, which has touched hundreds of thousands of end users so far, perfectly analyzes the mobility market, develops the required global quality products and focuses on the sales of these products. In addition, it provides services to hundreds of thousands of users with developed mobile applications and tens of thousands of vehicles with its mobility platform. I think it will be a company that sets defacto standards with its new marketing strategy and leads the sector.

What does it mean to you to be a software developer?

I enjoy designing and developing innovative products focused on people. My main motivation is to touch society and make people's lives easier. Software is the fastest way to make my dreams come true.