How did the Tofaş Connect Filom idea emerge? Due to changing economic conditions, companies have a tendency to own vehicles rather than renting them from rental companies. Corporate companies are now required to manage the operations that were formerly managed by the rental companies. Together with Tofaş, we identified this need in the market and started to work on the Connect Filom project that will eliminate this problem. In Connect Filom, we mainly aimed for companies to save time and money by managing their own vehicles’ operational and expense businesses more easily.

Can we learn some product features and infrastructure?

The product came about with Comodif’s technology and experience. Connect Filom management package, which works in connection with the Comodif Mobility Platform, meets all the requirements in a vehicle fleet such as vehicle tracking, vehicle filtering, vehicle grouping, driver, inventory, expense, contract, traffic fines and maintenance, and repair management. The package is also constantly being developed considering new customer requirements.

What can we say about the benefits to the product’s users? Who can benefit from this technology?

Tofaş Connect Filom connects all of the fleet manager’s cars to the device in his hand so that the user can follow all fleet vehicles live, determine their service needs, and monitor all 360-degree processes on a single screen, including the previously mentioned subjects.

All medium and large-scale companies that have their own vehicles and manage their fleets with their own resources can benefit from this technology.

What differentiates Tofaş Connect Filom from similar applications?

Currently, Tofaş is the only automotive manufacturer that provides this service among vehicle manufacturers, so we can say that it is a leader in the field of technology that it implements. The fact that it will serve corporations in addition individuals shows that they understand the connected vehicle trend well and reflect it to their strategies. When companies use this product, they will also have the opportunity to benefit from Tofaş’s services such as insurance, maintenance services, and discounted vehicle supplies as an additional benefit. The combination of Tofaş’s experience and vision in its sector and Comodif’s global quality technology has resulted in a product that satisfies everybody. I believe that Connect Filom will leave its mark on Turkey’s fleet management market in the near future.