Developed at Tofaş and being the first connected vehicle technology in its class, Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect can be easily installed in the vehicle at dealers and the application can be downloaded and used from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

"We are the only brand in Turkey that delivers connectivity technology to large audiences."

Fiat After-Sales Director Hüseyin Şahin stated that they closely follow the developments in the field of automotive technologies in the world and the steps towards global digitalization, and that they developed the Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect in 2018 based on customer needs. He stated that the infrastructure management and development of the product was implemented by the Tofaş After Sales Connectivity team, the vehicle platform partner Comodif, which is connected with Tofaş Information Technologies and R&D units.

Şahin said, "Our Fiat brand goal is to enable everyone to access technology, design and comfort. We have broken new ground in Turkey with Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect technology, which is available to all Egea model family vehicle owners and also offered in Doblo, Fiorino and Ducato. It is the only brand that can offer this service to large masses in Turkey" he said.

Fiat Brand Director Altan Aytaç & Fiat After Sales Director Hüseyin Şahin
"We offer security, smart automobile insurance and the most comprehensive and value-added services to users with Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect technology."

After Sales Director Hüseyin Şahin, who stated that the users establish a technological connection with their cars and an emotional connection with the Fiat brand, summarized the product features and contents of Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect. Şahin reminded that the first features introduced were functions that would make their customers lives easier, such as remote control, parking location information and car towing notification.

Stating that Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect users can benefit from the new added functions and value-added services, Şahin said, "Doors can be unlocked remotely, they can learn the km distance to the parking lot, the fuel capacity information and the price schedule, and they can check the battery, tire, adblue and LPG levels. If we receive a signal during the trip in a possible critical fault code, our customer care center will call our customer as soon as the trip is complete, explain what he needs to do about his vehicle on the phone, and we provide emergency roadside assistance and towing support when necessary. In addition, Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect offers instant crash data to our center of interest with the crash data received at the time of the accident. "It sends a warning and our Customer Care Center calls the customer. Just as we are sending an ambulance service in line with his request, if we cannot reach our customer, we automatically send an ambulance service to the location of the vehicle," he said.

Hüseyin Şahin also emphasized that Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect, which has been constantly updated since 2018, offers services that create added value to customers with its distinctive business models such as Connect Insurance, which brings a different perspective to vehicle insurance in Turkey, and Connect Filom (Fleet), which is designed to meet the needs of fleet customers.

Saying that for the first time in Turkey, an automobile manufacturer and an insurance company have made an innovative and technological cooperation with Connect Insurance, Hüseyin Şahin said, "In Connect Insurance, vehicle insurance policies are determined individually according to the data provided by Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect technology. Aksigorta Drivers who buy our Connect Vehicle Insurance product, which we have implemented with our company, with a 10% advantage in the first policy, receive discounts of up to 10% according to their driving scores during the renewal period after one year of usage. We also offer discounts. In addition, our customers with Connect Vehicle Insurance have advantageous prices in traffic insurance and additional discount opportunities from Connect driving points in renewals," he said.

"We support Proactive Driver Safety with the Accident Black Spot Notification Function"

Adding that the Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect application is a technology that touches people, Hüseyin Şahin said, "With Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect, we consider the safety of its users and passengers in the vehicle as our top priority. We have very important services that touch human life. We have added the "Accident Black Spot Notification" to our application for the point. Thanks to the "Accident Black Spot Notification", a special warning notification resembling a heartbeat when the vehicle is approaching the points that are frequently encountered by accident while driving, allows drivers to drive more carefully and safely in risky areas. We support them,” he said.

"Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect also protects children"

Hüseyin Şahin stated that the second important update that they put into use in Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect this year was the Ducato Child Alarm, which they wanted to emphasize especially on the days when schools opened. Şahin said, "In the past years, children's