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We are empowering end-user value creation by providing real time vehicle and driver data to our business customers.


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We are selected participants of the scale-up programme 2023. EIT Urban Mobility is supported by the European Institute Of Innovation And Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union


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If you don't digitize data, you can't leverage it

We are transforming mobility data into business value. We have a scalable, flexible, and robust cloud connectivity platform that is hardware agnostic. We can support high volume time-series, structured and unstructured data. We can easily integrate with third-party solutions and customer use cases via our APIs.



MobiHub is the web interface designed to fulfill the monitoring and reporting needs of Comodif clients and partners. Empowered by the device-agnostic feature of CME, all in-vehicle data can be subject to the MobiHub application.


DeliHub is a web interface, fully integrated to CME, providing a wide scope of sensor data subject to Last Mile Delivery (Hot & Cold Chain) monitoring and reporting needs. DeliHub adds value to LMD operations by enabling fleet managers to sustain and/improve delivery KPI’s and assure customer satisfaction.

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