Comodif Mobility Engine

Comodif is an IOT company that offers a range of services related to mobility data.


MobiHub is a web interface that enables Comodif clients and partners to access and monitor mobility data in real time. By making all of this data available through MobiHub, Comodif is able to offer its clients and partners a powerful tool for monitoring and managing their fleets. Some of the feature set that comes along with Comodif 


-Real-time and past trip data, 
-Driver behavior & scoring 
-In-vehicle data
-Vehicle security (towing, stealing)
-Access to all CAN map data in real time (Manufacturer R&D projects)
and much more… 


*Coming Soon


DeliHub is a web interface, fully integrated to CME, providing a wide scope of sensor data subject to Last Mile Delivery (Hot & Cold Chain) monitoring and reporting needs. DeliHub adds value to LMD operations by enabling fleet managers to sustain and/improve delivery KPI’s and assure customer satisfaction.